About us

Ever since I was fifteen years old I dreamed of having my own boutique. One day I rode down to Hobby Lobby to purchase different beads. When I got home I sat down at the dinner table and taught myself how to make necklaces; and let me tell you I had no idea what I was doing. Soon the girls and teachers wanted my necklaces at school. And that’s when the jewelry business began. Mom and I sat down at the kitchen table for many ours studying to different wires, crimps and beads to make the best combinations for our necklaces. My little business was called “BRITZ BLING”. We started selling other jewelry; including necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. Mom and I started to do small craft shows around the Houston area. Doing craft show gave mom and me bonding time on the weekends; because I had school sports during the week. But we wanted something more. A small t-shirt shop in my home town was closing and for sale. Mom and I laid in bed at night and prayed. If it was meant to be god would provide for us. One week after the t-shirt shop had gone up for sale. Mom was signing papers! We were officially the new owners!

Frogstones and more owned and operated by my mother and me. Allowing us to create unique designs for every age and taste in clothing. We opened our boutique in my hometown of Huffman, Texas on February 14, 2011.

Welcome to our website. I am Brittney Fields, part owner, buyer, designer, and personal shopper for many of our clients of Frogstones. Everyone is always asking me what is a “Frogstones”. Well Frog is the acronym for Fully Rely On God and stones is for the rhinestones. I live in my hometown of Huffman, Texas with my boyfriend Karl Trahan and my newborn daughter, Kinlee. I am a Huffman Hargrave high school graduate, Class of 2012. I was raised by my loving parents and little sister Brandi. They have always supported me with any crazy dreams I shoot at them. I thank God every day for the little things but most importantly I thank Him for the life and the opportunities he has given me. Without Him I wouldn’t have anything I have today. Our customers are based on the people and friends in my hometown but have grown nationwide with more than 6,000 fans. We are so amazed as to where we will be shipping next. We work extremely hard to make sure each and every customer is happy with their purchase. We also offer very good customer service and will respond to email or phone calls within a couple of hours.

Laura Fields is not only my mother, but my best friend. We do everything together. She is an amazing grandma to my daughter. I could never ask for a better person to be my mother. She has been a stay at home mom for 18 years. She is a graduate of North shore high school. I am proud to announce her as our general manager, buyer, and full time employee.

Brandi Fields is my little sister. She went to Huffman Hargrave but graduated early from Premier high school of Dayton, Texas Class of 2013. She works for an eye doctor as an technician in Atascocita, Texas. She is also attending Kingwood junior college to become a school teacher. She works at our boutique on her days off from school, work and sometimes weekends.

November 1, 2014 we moved into our new store front located at 8502 FM 1960 east. On Dec 15, 2014 We OPENED our doors to the public! We cannot wait to see what 2015 has to hold for us!